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Our Story

Portal Tours is owned by Brenden Sorensen. He has over 15 years of guiding and driving off-road experience. His passion for the sport has inspired him to open a tour business so that he can share the excitement with others! He has done every trail in Moab. You will learn a lot from his knowledge of off-road driving. He strives to make every tour unique and exciting for each guest. To top if off, he has years of mechanic work and understands Jeeps in an out. Once, he custom built a 1942 Jeep Willys into a rugged off-road machine. He's owned and built RZR's and buggy's as well. He's got the savvy and the charm to give you an unforgettable adventure.


Our Jeeps

Thanks to our good friends at Teraflex, our Jeep is equipped with the latest and greatest in suspension, allowing our Jeeps to maneuver through obstacles easily. It is designed specifically for Moab terrain. Providing the most comfortable ride with leather seats and air. conditioning! 

Moab is not only a place for adventures, it's our home. By taking a tour from us, you will see Moab through the eyes of a local. We love the adrenaline rush and the excitement. You will feel it too! At the same time, we can respect and appreciate this beautiful land while we play. Here's how you can help.


Marvel at Nature

But don't touch it. Use photos as mementos, instead of rocks and sand. The red rock soil is sensitive to human contact.

Stay on
the path

Trust us, there is plenty of excitement on the marked trail. Going off the path will damage  Moabs fragile microbiotic ground.


The better we leave the land we played on, the longer we can play on it. Pick up trash, stay on the path, appreciate the experience.

Leave it
How you Found it

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