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Food and Clothing

Water is provided. Remember to bring any medical supplies that you need. You are welcome to pack your own meal, should you feel that you want one. Sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and comfortable clothing are recommended.

Plan for an extra hour

For driving to the trail and coming back. Additionally, trails can tend to get crowded.

Alcohol is not permitted

We ask that you do not consume alcohol 2 hours prior to your departure, especially if you're going to drive your own rig. Consuming alcohol while on the trail is prohibited. If you are clearly intoxicated you will not be allowed on the tour.

Follow-Along Tours

All vehicles must be insured, even rentals, and proof of insurance must be provided prior to departure. All drivers must have a valid drivers license.

Ride-Along Tours

We can accomodate 4 people at a time. If a rider needs a carseat, you must provide your own.

Charge your devices

There's a lot of opportunity for amazing photos and videos on a tour! Tag us in your photos @portaloffroadtours

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